Hello world!

My name is L. I’m 30, I’m a (guilty) feminist, and I often experience a rather, lets say, intermittent sex drive.

I’m not a medical professional, or a sex therapist and I don’t pretend to know all the answers. But, I do know how it feels to struggle to want to have sex.

Whatever you want to call it- dead bedroom, sexless relationship, no bone zone (haha) or a low sex drive, it’s an issue that affects an estimated 26-43% of women. Yes that’s right- almost half of all women!

We probably all have experiences when we’ve not felt like having sex. Yet we often don’t talk about it because we’re embarrassed, feel like there’s something wrong with us, or feel like we should be sex robots and up for it all the time.

So really, I’m just a gal on a mission to bring some awareness to the issue. I’d love to create the biggest collection of stories about having a low libido and what other women have done to overcome it. That’s my #sexdrivestories idea- I’d love for you to submit your own story to the site.

So I’ve put together a blog that tries to take the best bits from what research I’ve done, advice from the experts in the field, as well as my own experience, to make a go-to space for women who’ve experienced a dip in their desire. As well as some other bits about my life along the way, including feminism (my favourite topic), relationships, London life and other millenial related self-indulgent blogging.

So join me on my adventure to increase my “sex-ponential” (get it?).




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