Sexpert advice to help keep your sex life warm and efficient this winter

Some (not so-sanctioned) advice from the British Gas Board below regarding what to do with your sex life during a frosty bedroom period:

A “sexual winter” doesn’t have to mean ongoing breakdowns or replacement part(ner)s- there’s a lot you can do yourself to keep yourself and your desire warm during a cold spell.


Keep your desire on low at all times– turning it on and off again means you’ll take longer to heat up. Schedule in phone reminders to think about sex, make time to fantasise, follow sex blogs and social media- get it on your agenda and you’ll be ready to fire up quicker when things get steamy.

Time your encounters– put your central heating on a set timer to come on before you go to bed or know a shag is likely. Give yourself at least 20 mins to heat up if it’s new, or 40mins to heat up if the relationship’s an older model. Remember- tending to your own pilot light first is crucial to keep pleasure burning throughout the evening.

Reduce your stress thermostat by 1°c to save energy– a too hot and flustered household makes everybody feel stressed which can take a toll on your renewable energy. Reduce your stress thermostat and turn up the bedroom heat instead for maximum efficiency.

Sex drives like boilers need to be looked after– get a regular service and you’ll last longer. Scheduling in consistent checks might mean you’re more likely to initiate the next one.

Ensure that you maintain a regular sex safety certificate where all is fine below. Look after yourself- use the correct fuel and gives all your loose parts a good exercise when needed.

Go high-tech- wireless thermostat programmes now mean that you can control the heat from wherever in the world you are. Use the new gadgets to turn your partner on wirelessly before you even get home.

Take back control- tell the gas man what you want- you know your boiler waaaay better than he does. Use “the power of the snog” to keep your engineer on his toes and expecting surprises.

Have thick curtains- this is optional, however, in my downstairs area, they do trap in heat rather well I find 😉

I hope you manage to keep your sex drive ticking over this winter.


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