Have you ever heard of an erotic blueprint?

No it’s not some kind of weird newfangled STD all the kids are getting.

It’s an amazing (and little-known) way of understanding how you like to be turned on.

The sexual blueprint quiz

Jaiya, an award-winning sexologist, believes that we each have a way we are intrinsically wired to be turned on.

A bit like a love language, it’s worth finding out which one you speak…. and then figuring out whether your partner can parlez-vous the way you’d like them to.

She groups our sexual blueprints into five categories:

  1. Energetic
  2. Sensual
  3. Sexual
  4. Kinky
  5. Shape Shifter

And on her site there is an online quiz¬†which let’s you know which one you are.

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Can a quiz improve your sex drive?

Knowing your blueprint can be incredibly useful because it provides self-awareness about what turns you on, and what needs to be different for you to get aroused.

As we know increasing the quality of sex often increases the quantity!

For example, if you have an energetic blueprint you might have a low sex drive because you’ve fallen into the bad habit of jumping straight into bed with little build up.

Knowing your erotic blueprint might now mean you focus on bringing back seduction, and creating a sense of build up, intrigue, mystery or tease to your sex life.

It also gives a language you can use to explain to your partner what you want. Especially if you struggle to ask.

Do you know your sexual blueprint and is it accurate? Comment below….