Making time to feel sexy

Why you should practise sexual self care (and no- it’s not as rude as it sounds!)

As it’s #selfcare week, I wanted to cordially remind you of the importance of sexual self care. No you dirty bugger- it’s not just about wanking (although, that is kinda part of it).

Well, if it’s not about wanking, what is it? Sexual self care is about all increasing your wellness. So particularly when you’re feeling a little crestfallen in the bedroom, looking after yourself is key to firing up your desire.

So, how do you do it? I hear you wondering furiously. Because our sexual health is so linked to our mental and physical health, looking after the latter two will always increase the first.

Below are some of my tops tips about SSC… you’ll know lots of them (but they’ve often got a sexy twist!):

I think of it as an investment in myself and a way of looking after my sexual health, just as you might put a face mask on or get a massage for your physical health!

Sexual Self Care to do list

So, do you SSC?




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