Feel like sex is the last thing on your mind? Your period might be to blame

We all know that being on your period isn’t much fun.

But, is there any link between your menstrual cycle and how horny you are?

Apparently, for some women, where you are on your period can hugely impact on how much you want to have sex. This is because of the rise and fall of different hormones during your cycle.

To help explore this more, I’ve made this handy infographic about what happens during your monthly cycle …


NOTE: Not everyone has a 28 day cycle, or fits completely within these dates or experiences.

BLOODY FANTASTIC! (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

So according to science, we’re more likely to want sex from days 8-14 of our monthly cycle (week two basically, just after our periods). BUT, we’re also less likely to want sex during week three.

I’ve found this really useful and generally true for me (although every woman will vary in some way).

Now how can you best use this information? I’d recommend a period tracker like Flo, Clue, or Period Tracker to start mapping out your sex drive fluctuations.



P.S. There’s loads of info about how you know when you go through each stage by looking at your “vaginal secretions” rather than by dates. If you’re into that kind of thing! Check this webpage out for more.

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