5 TV shows that’ll give you the fanny gallops

A brilliant way to get sex back on your agenda when you have a low sex drive is to watch a TV show featuring lots of, you guessed it, sex.

That’ll revive your vagina in no time, because it’s encouraging you to remember sex- to keep it on your radar, and to retrace those pathways in your brain where desire used to reside.

Here’s my top 5 faves:

#1: Orange is the New Black:

Sex behind bars is the hottest thing I’ve seen in a long time. And Ruby Rose… enough said.

Image result for orange is the new black

#2: Game of Thrones

Slightly controversial…?

So if you ignore the gratuitous sexual violence, there’s so many scenes to give you the horn. This is my personal favourite:

#3: Black Sails

I had pirate and wench fantasies for weeks after watching this. It’s the prequel to Treasure Island, and Toby Stephens (Maggie Smith’s son dontcha know) is FIT.

Ditto about the SV by the way. But you do see a lot of penis, nice nice penis, so it’s kind of OK.

#4: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Just sex, sex and more sex. And it’s about an empowered woman, so even better!

#5: Poldark

So not strictly sex scenes, but this one shot is enough to launch a thousand vibrators buzzing…

Any more you’d care to add?

Share the love ladies- we could all do with a bit of this in our lives.



  1. Ha Ha – I agree with your list, and could probably come up with a couple more, but I totally Luuurved BP in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. My OH would most likely ask “Get you moist did it?”

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