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Here’s why chucking out your old, holey knickers can improve your sex drive!

We’ve all got them. The lurkers at the back of our closets. The last-to-be-picked, laundry day style, whip it out when you’ve got nothing else type of things. I’m talking about bad pants. You know what I mean. The comfort pants. The period pants with suspect stains on them. The …

Body Image and self-esteem Exercise Sex and Stress Your physical health and the link to your sex drive

How to exercise when you really can’t be bothered (but your sex drive depends on it….)

From previous posts you’ll know that I’m not an “exercise person”. In fact, I’m far from it. But as a result of understanding more about why we exercise (hint: literally outrunning stress) I’ve begun running! It’s an absolute miracle.  But if you’ve seen me hitting the streets of London, I can …