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The top 50 signs of being taken for granted in a relationship

According to the Telegraph, these are the top 50 signs that you take each other for granted in a relationship.

Do you recognise any of these?

The top 50 signs of being taken for granted

  1. Opting to sleep rather than having sex

2. Lack of ‘date nights’

3. You forget to say “I love you” everyday

4. You stop kissing each other goodbye

5. Got to bed at different times

6. Don’t cuddle up on the sofa in the evening anymore

7. Dressing down in tracksuit bottoms before the other half gets home

8. No longer bothering with Valentine’s Day

9. Assuming you’ll do all the chores

10. Breaking wind when partner is around

11. The little phone calls at work stop

12. Ditching matching underwear

13. You don’t religiously apply make-up before seeing each other

14. Forgetting to say thank you for dinner

15. You stop shaving your legs so often

16. You stop buying spontaneous gifts for no reason

17. Lacking on chores or doing half jobs

18. Leaving the toilet seat up

19. Not excited at the chance to spend one on one time with you

20. Prioritises their TV choices over yours

21. Wearing granny pants

22. Not closing the bathroom door when going to the toilet

23. You stop sending little flirty / mushy text messages

24. Watch TV in separate rooms

25. Stop celebrating anniversaries

26. Not letting the other know about plans which have been made

27. Spending the evening sitting in different rooms

28. Assumes / expects dinner, packed lunch etc

29. No little notes or silly texts

30. Watches TV or uses the mobile halfway through a conversation with you

31. Obsessing or dedicating too much time to a hobby / sport

32. Saying things like “I love you” as habit rather than meaning it

33. You only say “I Love you” in reply when your partner says it

34. Forgetting to say thank you

35. Don’t exchange information about what has happened that day

36. Thinking it’s okay to point out imperfections with body or appearance

37. Not noticing new haircuts or clothes

38. You agree not to exchange birthday or Christmas presents anymore

39. Less ‘in jokes’ between you

40. Getting vouchers or cash for birthdays instead of choosing a present

41. Making appointments with friends without checking with the other half

42. Less likely to share gossip about the day

43. Not bothered if you cancel or have to rearrange a date or meal out

44. Forgetting important dates

45. Forgetting or less interested in your career / issues in life

46. Eat at different times in the evening

47. Showering less

48. Overly excited at spending time with mates

49. Gets you to check out weird or worrying body issues

50. Gets irritated if you can’t pick them up or act as a taxi


I know I can certainly tick some of these off! How about you?

Our sex drives can be impacted by the feeling of being “taken for granted” and not appreciated.

Often, this causes resentment and frustration.

If you can relate to any of these feelings, check out the section of the blog on relationships.

Can you work together to try and counter some of these issues?




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