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Introducing the sex drive improvement wheel…

When I lost my sex drive, I read tons of books and voraciously devoured anything online that might help me.

With little avail.

I’d lost my ability to feel sexual- I couldn’t even remember HOW TO.

So I set about using my knowledge and experience to create a set of tools to help me coach myself back to feeling sexual again.

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Through this journey, I worked out that there are five essential elements needed to maintain a healthy and vibrant sexuality.

So I scribbled and mapped these out on a coaching wheel for life (with sixteen subheadings of equal importance for good measure) to see where I might need some help.

The results were amazing.

The wheel works as a visual representation of what might be impacting upon your low sex drive.

After I did this exercise, I could see exactly the places where there was imbalance.

Importantly, I felt a huge sense of relief after doing so, rather than feeling lost and hopeless like I did previously.

More importantly- I found a sense of purpose. And life since has involved working on every part of the wheel where I felt I needed some support. And my sex drive has HUGELY improved.

So, this tool saved me, really.

I wanted to share it with you to help you “diagnose” where there might be imbalance in your life that could cause you to not want sex.

And hopefully you too can take the steps you’d like to re-ignite your libido.

Click here to visit the Sex Drive Improvement Wheel to find out more…




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