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Anxiety Learn how to stay present and enjoy sex Your mood/well-being and the link to your sex drive

Discover this simple trick to capture anxious thoughts and improve your sex drive

Sex is all about sensation. And if your mind is too full with thoughts- whether anxious, creative, or others- it’s really difficult to focus on the task at hand because we’re stuck in our own heads. When that happens (according to Emily Nagoski), our foot is so far down on …

How to wake up to pleasure/sexuality How to wake up your mind to sexuality/pleasure

7 ways to kick-start desire by using your imagination

Esther Perel believes that what distinguishes humans from animals during sex is that humans have a capacity for eroticism. This is created through imagination. So a decreased desire for sex could be linked to a decrease in the use of your imagination. What is the link between imagination and desire? Strangely, the word …