When we talk about having a low sex drive, we tends to focus on the woman that’s “broken”.

We assume there is something wrong with HER….. and rarely consider investigating how she feels about the sex she is having (or had)

Because lets face it, if sex doesn’t feel good- there’s very little reason to want to do it!

Instead, there is a much simpler solution to getting the sex drive you crave.

So if you’ve been shuffling away from your partners advances or going to bed later/earlier than them to avoid sex, lean in to find out the secret to better sex- and an even better sex drive!

The secret to a better sex drive…

Drum roll….

Instead of focusing on increasing the quantity of sex, the simple trick is to instead look to increase the quality.

Is it really “low desire”, or just low desire for the sex that you’re having?- Dr Lori Brotto

We often feel pressure to up the frequency.

But if you focus on increasing how that sex feels for you, and perhaps investigating (or being honest) about the sex you’re having and what else you need, you’ll find the key to improving your sex drive.

For more, check out the section on sexual self-empowerment to find out more about firstly knowing what you want, and then how to have better sex here!

So, do you think the sex you’re having is impacting on your desire?

What would increasing the quality do for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.