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Many many women (myself included) are unsure of what they want sexually, how to ask for it, or just feel numb and powerless in bed.

(I’ve written about this in more depth here and described it as a sense of disconnection from our sexual identity.

But this is devastating for our sex drives.

If desire means “to want” and we’re not able to express *what we want*, sex will never be about centering our pleasure or needs. And who wants what doesn’t feel great, hey?

To remedy this, I recommend every woman goes on a journey of sexual self-empowerment.

The Sex Education You Never Had (But Wish You Did)  

Sexual self-empowerment is essentially the process we go through to explore (and create) our sexual self.

Just as we develop throughout our lives and learn who and how to be at work, in our social circles and in relationships, we also learn how to express ourselves (our wants, needs, desires) in the bedroom. 

This is part of our sexuality. We often hear this term and think it means sexual orientation, but in fact that’s just one small part of our sexual self- e.g. who we are and what we like during sex.

It’s the education we wished we got at school (minus the kids flinging around femidoms and those weird birthing videos)…

Sexual Self-Empowerment is individual depending on where you’re at, but might involve:
  • understanding how desire is manifested in our bodies
  • examining the sexual stories we tell ourselves
  • exploring what turns us on- and off!
  • learning how to ask for what we want (the skills of sexual assertiveness)
  • and increasing the body-mind-spirit connection to have embodied, beautiful sex we’re completely present for

However for many women, society doesn’t enable them to get to know who they are and what they want when making love. This is because throughout history the focus of sex has always  been on male pleasure, and women are often called names or censured if they begin to explore and experiment with their sexuality.

So, as a woman, owning your own sexual power really is a revolutionary act. 

But- where to begin?

My guess is that if you’re reading this its because you’ve either never had the opportunity to explore this side of yourself, or you did a long time ago and haven’t connected recently.

You can totally do this alone- there are some amazing resources out there that will help you on your way.

But I’ve already mapped out all of the steps needed and practises required to get there yourself, in half the time….

My gift to you- COMING SOON

My brief guide to “Sexual Self-Empowerment” below will walk you through the five steps needed to begin creating or reconnecting to your sexual self. 

It’s “sexuality 101” course where we’re essentially getting to know ourselves and who we are when we have sex. 

For a collection of tips, tools, practises and resources you can start with *today*, soon you can get your free “Brief Guide to Sexual Self-Empowerment” directly to your inbox.

Brief guide to sexual self empowerment

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