About me

Welcome to my blog “Sexponential”.

That’s me above. 

Lounging in bed with my insta-perfect bed hair and crisp looking sheets with that kinda I’m-cute-AND-naughty-come-to-bed-smile. 

I’m kidding. 

There’s no pics on here of me (for now) mainly cos what if my Mum finds out I’m writing about my fanny online- she’ll kill me. That’s only half a joke.

But you wanna know about me, huh?

The short version is… My name is Laura.

I’m a 30 something Londoner, have a great bunch of mates, a wee vinyl collection, and I often experience a rather, lets say, intermittent sex drive.

I’m not a medical professional, or a sex therapist and I don’t pretend to know all the answers. 

But, I do know how it feels to struggle to want to have sex.

So I started a blog on exactly that.

(If you want to read more about me here’s the full juicy R-rated version of my story here).

Why is your blog called Sexponential- that’s not even a word!

I started writing a few years ago, and named the site because I was struggling with (but wanted to reach) my own sexual potential.

Then I accidentally got confused with the words potential and ponential…. and the rest is history!

What is the blog about?

The site is a kind of homage to my own journey through experiencing a low sex drive.

I realised a LOT of things about myself through writing this. Mainly that I (and SO many other women) have no no clue what turns us on or what we want in bed. That everything we know about sex drives is wrong. And even that it is bloody hard writing a blog and I still find the whole concept totally cringe (but love doing it anyway)!

The blog also charts how I worked my way out of a dry spell, and started on a  path to feeling fully in touch with my own sexuality. 

So I’ve tried to take the best bits from what research I’ve done, advice from the experts in the field, as well as my own experience, to make a go-to space for women who’ve experienced a dip in their desire. 

Hopefully it’s also packed with tips for others, and validation that a lack of desire for sex and/or losing touch with your sexual identity is totally NORMAL/OK/FINE AND DANDY.

So really, I’m just a gal on a mission to bring some awareness to the issue. 

So join me on my adventure to increase my “sex-ponential” (get it?).

Love love


I’m so proud to have you here and hope you find the site and the information given as useful as I have. Let me know how you’re finding it- hellosexponential@gmail.com literally anytime 🙂



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