About me

Welcome to Desired State.

That’s me above. 

Lounging in bed with my insta-perfect bed hair and crisp looking sheets with that kinda I’m-cute-AND-naughty-come-to-bed-smile. 

I’m kidding. 

There’s no pics on here of me (for now) mainly cos what if my Mum finds out I’m writing about my fanny online- she’ll kill me. That’s only half a joke.

But you wanna know about me, huh?

The short version is… My name is Laura.

I’m a 30 something Londoner, have a great bunch of mates, a wee vinyl collection, and I spent over four years experiencing a rather, lets say, intermittent sex drive.

Just FYI: I know how it feels to struggle to want to have sex.

So Desired State came to life out of this journey to get to the bottom of my wayward desire.

It’s taken me to some interesting places. 

I’ve gone from sex education to science to tantra and taoism. I’ve learned about sex magik, sensuality, the power of somatic movement, celtic sex practises and kundalini yoga. I’ve belly danced, drank sex coffee (yep, really) and scoured Youtube, libraries and the blogosphere to find my way back to desire.

And I have a LOT to say about what I discovered along the way (if you want to read more about me here’s the full juicy R-rated version of my story here).

Each part of this journey gave me unique tools and insights which I lovingly incorporated into this website. 

I’m so proud to have you here and hope you find the site and the information given as useful as I have. 

Let me know how you’re finding it- hellodesiredstate@gmail.com literally anytime.

Who am I outside of talking about sex?

By day I work in feminist gender-based violence prevention

I am a trainer and workshop facilitator specialising in trauma informed, strengths-based, survivor-led practise. 

I have extensive experience offering one to one support for women experiencing coercive control, violence and abuse. 

I facilitate workshops about sexual violence, rape, and abuse, and offer training/workshops to survivors, professionals and communities around Violence Against Women and Girls. 

My bread and butter is talking about consent, pleasure, empowerment and healing through activism

If you’d like to know more about working with me and how I can help you around sexual empowerment workshop facilitation and desire coaching, click here.


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