Stress and your sex drive


Stress was the one for me.

It’s like once I even feel an ounce of stress my vagina vacates the premises and goes AWOL.


Stress is REALLY important because it has an evolutionary function to purposefully close down any desire we have for sex.

So there’s a direct correlation. And learning more about how stress is able to do this, and how you can outsmart stress to restore your libido, is key.

Begin here with my blog post “three things I’ve learned about stress and sex drives” to learn more about the evolutionary role of stress in diminishing your desire.

I’d recommend that if you’re feeling stressed, to also check out the part on the blog about physical health regarding exercise.

I know, I also want to punch myself in the face for saying it, but exercise is honestly a great way to improve your sex drive, mainly because by doing so we “outrun” our stress and trick our minds into producing the hormones needed for sex again.

Additionally, many of us are stressed because our lifestyles are just SO busy.

It’s worth checking out the section on your lifestyle, especially the parts on being too busy for sex/to feel sexy. Stress and lifestyle patterns are often interconnected, so although learning about the biology is good, we’ll also need some help in shifting around your day to help you find more time to connect with yourself.

There’s also a really great #sexdrivestories post about the stress of having sex and conceiving which is really interesting and an area we don’t often discuss.

Good luck!




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