Stress is a massive issue for many women. Our lifestyles have become so super busy (read: work, kids, socialising, hobbies, chores, caring responsibilities- the list is endless) and we’re so overloaded that stress- the evolutionary “off-switch” for desire- is flipped.

Essentially, this thief is time.

We often don’t give ourselves time for sex, to feel sexy, or to create the right environment that encourages us to *want* to “get down”.

Whether this is a tidy bedroom, sensuous mood lighting, enough time for foreplay or to self-care, setting aside TIME and CREATING THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT for sex is key.

For me, where I was lacking in sex, I was also lacking in time, energy, and the will to do anything else but sleep. Sliding into bed at the end of each day- sex was literally the last thing on a very long to-do list. And I managed to convince myself that everything else was more important than a bonk.

So, if this is also you, it’s important to learn how to re-prioritise sex by:

You can use different methods including scheduling in date nights and re-framing sex to conjure up some sexy time. As well as some much needed sexual self-care! And it’s about figuring out exactly what the right conditions (read environment) is that YOU need to have great sex.

So click on the above links to find out more about how I found time, space and the motivation to bump sex back up the to-do list to where it should be. And trust me- it should be near the top!




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