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Art of sexual self-empowerment
3. EMPOWER How to have better sex Sex and desire Sexual self-empowerment

The Art Of Sexual Self-Empowerment Course- coming soon!

Reading Time: 3 minutes “The Art of Sexual Self-Empowerment” is my *brand new course* for women keen to revolutionise their sex lives… and it’s COMING SOON. It builds on the brief guide, which you can find here. If you’re tired of feeling sexually dis-empowered, passive, empty or numb this course was built especially for …

3. EMPOWER Relationships and desire Sex and desire Sexual self-empowerment

How to put in sexual boundaries when you don’t know what yours are and it feels terrifying to ask for what you want

Reading Time: 4 minutes A MAJOR part of my journey to find my sex drive was dealing with resentment. There’s a post all about it here, but safe to say my partner used to piss me off all the time and I’d simmer away in the background spending time coming up with mad plots …

3. EMPOWER Sex and desire Sexual self-empowerment

Do you give away your power during sex? Here’s how to get it back

Reading Time: 6 minutes “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” – Oscar Wilde When you’ve lost your libido, sex can feel a completely disempowering experience. Far from the sexually empowered femme fatales we see in films, flicking their hair and calling the shots, instead we’re scurrying to bed …

3. EMPOWER Mood, mindset and desire Sex and desire Sexual self-empowerment

#13 tips on how to lose control during sex (for people who struggle to let go)

Reading Time: 3 minutes It can be incredibly difficult to feel completely relaxed when having sex. Whether that’s because of distracting thoughts or fear of judgement from our partners, actually being ourselves and feeling free in bed seems almost impossible. Below are 10 tried and tested ways to help you feel more relaxed and …

3. EMPOWER Relationships and desire Sex and desire

What is the “Coolidge Effect” and why it might be putting the deep freeze on your hot sex plans.

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is a very stubborn misconception that exists around sex in long term relationships. That good sex will “just happen”. And that if you need to work at it, your relationship or you have somehow failed. However, if you’re finding yourself feeling like the sex has got a little “meh”, …