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Is resentment killing your desire? Here’s how to resolve it.

“Resentment is the persistent feeling that you’re being treated unfairly – not getting due respect, appreciation, affection, help, apology, consideration, praise, or reward.” Steven Sosny Resentment towards our partner can have a major impact on our desire. It’s caused by a suppression of emotion. Perhaps we don’t feel able to say how we feel or there’s …

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I gave up coffee to see if it had an impact on my sex drive. Here’s what I found….

For some people (the chosen ones) caffeine does wonders. It helps boost mood, energy levels, productivity,  for some fuckers it even boosts their sex drive. But sadly (cue sad violin music) for others, caffeine is a total bitch, and has links to a decreased sex drive. This is because… It can increase anxiety: Caffeine can …

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You’re not broken: here’s why we need to change the language about having a “low sex drive”

Step one of embarking on a journey to find your sex drive is to consider whether it’s really lost. A personal story of mine is pretty relevant here. I was talking with my boyfriend recently, and I kept saying I’d “lost” my desire to have sex, and I needed to find it. I also referred …