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Connecting to your sexuality Tools Understanding how your sex drive works

The only book you need to help with a low sex drive: “Come As You Are”, Emily Nagoski

*Note: this post contains affiliate links, so if you purchase anything you click on I might get a few pennies to say cheers* I came across this book online after my frantic googling of “help, I’m not bothered about sex”, and ordered it from Amazon with the hope that something might prove useful. I’d never …

Connecting to your sexuality Improving sex within a relationship Learning to stay present and enjoy sex Understanding how your sex drive works

Six tips to get turned on quickly for those with responsive desire

Many women (about 70%) have a more “slow burn” approach to having sex. If that’s you, you might find that quite often you lack the desire to have sex until after you’ve been warmed up a bit through kissing, touching and foreplay. And that’s totally OK- it’s most of the women in the world that …

Connecting to your sexuality My journey Understanding how your sex drive works

You’re not broken: here’s why we need to change the language about having a “low sex drive”

Step one of embarking on a journey to find your sex drive is to consider whether it’s really lost. A personal story of mine is pretty relevant here. I was talking with my boyfriend recently, and I kept saying I’d “lost” my desire to have sex, and I needed to find it. I also referred …