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Exercise: the key to reviving desire?

We know we know. There’s health benefits. Its good for us. We’ll get a bikini body. Minimize cellulite and live a longer life… It’s all well and good having that knowledge, but actually exercising and getting out there to do it, well… for some of us, that’s easier said that done. However, if you’re experiencing …

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2 fabulous reasons why looking at your vulva can improve your sex drive.

It’s one of the VERY FIRST things that Emily Nagoski’s “Come As You Are” book (AKA the sex drive bible) recommends. Get to know your pussy. Love your famwa. Get intimate with your vagine. And she’s the expert, so its obviously pretty important. Many of us might’ve done the bathroom squat with a hand mirror when …

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Here’s how “horizontal hostility” might be impacting on your sex drive

*positions loudhailer at the ready and dons hard hat* Ladies- we need to talk about horizontal hostility. Wanna know why? Because horizontal hostility is when “members of a targeted group believe, act on, or enforce the dominant system of discrimination and oppression”. Or in other words, when women bitch about the way other women look. …