How to get back your sex drive

“Whats the best way to get my sex drive back?”.

You’ve probably typed this question into Google a million times, spent hours searching and trawling various websites… but leaving without a satisfactory answer.

That’s because other sources of advice lack a roadmap to getting your desire back– a clear plan and steps to take.

Other tips about boosting desire fall short because they treat it as a single issue rather than understanding our sex drives as being woven into the fabric of our lives– being connected to time, our mindset, how we feel about ourselves and our relationships. 

And they fail to understand how it feels when your sex drive is low- lacklustre, empty, numb.

Maybe this need for more desire has come from you. 

  • There’s a feeling of disconnect from who you once were in bed- you’ve lost touch with (or never had a chance to create) your sexual self.
  • You’re fed up of feeling numb, disempowered, sexually unfulfilled. 
  • You’re unsure what you want in bed, or how to ask for it- 

Or maybe issues with your partner have driven you here. 

  • You’ve started to dread bedtime because it either ends in rejection, guilt, conflict-  or you “give in” to having sex and are left feeling powerless.
  • Sex has become routine, monotonous, stale.  

Whatever the reason, if you’re fed up of your current sex life, want to get the spark back and enjoy sex again, welcome to the gateway to sexual empowerment.

Because I’ve experienced a chronically low sex drive myself and have spent years figuring out how to regain it (read more about me here), I KNOW that the secret to feeling sexually alive (fulfilled, empowered, confident in bed) is through:

  1. Understanding WHAT is causing your low sex drive and WHY these factors are interconnected and work together to impact desire
  2. And mostly importantly- having a personalised map of HOW you can get it back

Click below to begin exploring the six factors that decrease desire (start with Your Sexual Identity) and take your first steps to a gorgeous new sex life.


P.S. I believe passionately in open source information so everything is free, because EVERYONE deserves a great sex drive! 

I’d love to hear how you get on- pop me an email and tell me your story. 




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