Top tips to improve your well-being and restore your sex drive

Our mental and emotional well-being are key to having a good sex drive. Any increase in stress, pressure, anxiety, depression or a fall in our body confidence can all really impact on how much we feel like having sex.

If you’re reading this and you think your libido has been impacted by your mental health, below I’ve put together a collection of the best tips I know (tried and tested by me!) for how to improve your well-being and recover your lost desire….

1. Knowledge is Power

The more you know and understand what impacts on your desire and how, the easier it is to understand the logic about why.

Exploring more about how our biology works to shut down desire when we’re stressed and anxious can help you find the means of understanding more about your own body and what’s happening. These are known as our “sexual brakes”-figuring out what yours are is the best place to begin.

You can read more about why stress closes down desire and how anxiety impacts on your libido here.

2. Exercise

 As much as is pains me to say this (seeing as I’m an absolutely couch potato at heart) but exercise really is the best way to get back a low sex drive if it’s being impacted by stress (and anxiety!). 
Our desire for sex is literally biologically closed down when we feel under pressure, and exercise is a great way of tricking our bodies into believing we’re safe and burning off that weight we carry. You can read more about exercise and tips on how to incorporate it into your life here.

3. Manage anxiety outside of the bedroom

Anxiety creeps up on us like a fog and it can be hard to shake it off once we’re in it. I suffer quite badly with anxiety, so here’s my unusual tips on how you can try and keep your anxiety under control. Dealing with worried thoughts outside of when you’re having sex can really help to improve your sex drive overall.

4. Learn how to stay present inside of the bedroom

Over the last few years I’ve collected a huge list of tips you can use to “stay present” during sex- so ways of managing those intrusive, worried or otherwise distracting thoughts that keep you from great sex. 

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