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3. EMPOWER Mood, mindset and desire Sex and desire Sexual self-empowerment

#13 tips on how to lose control during sex (for people who struggle to let go)

Reading Time: 3 minutes It can be incredibly difficult to feel completely relaxed when having sex. Whether that’s because of distracting thoughts or fear of judgement from our partners, actually being ourselves and feeling free in bed seems almost impossible. Below are 10 tried and tested ways to help you feel more relaxed and …

Physical health and desire

How to exercise when you really can’t be bothered (but your sex drive depends on it….)

Reading Time: 3 minutes From previous posts you’ll know that I’m not an “exercise person”. In fact, I’m far from it. But as a result of understanding more about why we exercise (hint:¬†literally outrunning stress) I’ve begun running! It’s an absolute miracle.¬† But if you’ve seen me hitting the streets of London, I can …