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Connecting to your sexuality Tools Understanding how your sex drive works

The only book you need to help with a low sex drive: “Come As You Are”, Emily Nagoski

*Note: this post contains affiliate links, so if you purchase anything you click on I might get a few pennies to say cheers* I came across this book online after my frantic googling of “help, I’m not bothered about sex”, and ordered it from Amazon with the hope that something might prove useful. I’d never …

Body Image and self-esteem Feminism

Here’s how “horizontal hostility” might be impacting on your sex drive

*positions loudhailer at the ready and dons hard hat* Ladies- we need to talk about horizontal hostility. Wanna know why? Because horizontal hostility is when “members of a targeted group believe, act on, or enforce the dominant system of discrimination and oppression”. Or in other words, when women bitch about the way other women look. …