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Are you caught in a sexual avoidance cycle?

 Sometimes we get stuck into patterns and habits around sex that are hard to see, and even harder to break. An incredibly common one is what Jessa Zimmerman calls the “sexual avoidance cycle”. This is how desire is impacted in the longer term by the quality of the sex that we are (or were) having. …

Anxiety Connecting to your sexuality Learning to stay present and enjoy sex Mood/wellbeing

8 ways that anxiety closes down desire

Whether we’re worried about life generally, or if the thoughts just extend to getting down and diiirty, anxiety can wreak havoc with our sex drive. In fact, being anxious is the literal opposite to being turned on, relaxed and experiencing pleasure. Knowing more about how anxiety affects us, as well as why, can be really …

Anxiety Learning to stay present and enjoy sex Mood/wellbeing Waking up to pleasure

4 reasons why you should focus on pleasuring your partner first if you get a bit anxious during sex

Warning: this does rely on having a partner who will pleasure you in return! I know you might not feel like having sex (that’s why you’re here, right?), so I’m sure watching paint dry seems more appealing than giving a blowie… but hear me out first. Our sex drives differ hugely from person to person. …