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Is resentment killing your desire? Here’s how to resolve it.

“Resentment is the persistent feeling that you’re being treated unfairly – not getting due respect, appreciation, affection, help, apology, consideration, praise, or reward.” Steven Sosny Resentment towards our partner can have a major impact on our desire. It’s caused by a suppression of emotion. Perhaps we don’t feel able to say how we feel or there’s …

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Do you believe these 3 myths about sex? If so, they could be killing your sex drive

There are some really unhelpful beliefs in society about sex, that might be killing your desire. Do you recognize any of them? Myth One: “Foreplay begins just before having sex” We all know the drill right? Women need longer than men to get warmed up for sex- say about 20 minutes of foreplay- so set your …