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3. EMPOWER Relationships and desire Sex and desire Sexual self-empowerment

How to put in sexual boundaries when you don’t know what yours are and it feels terrifying to ask for what you want

Reading Time: 4 minutes A MAJOR part of my journey to find my sex drive was dealing with resentment. There’s a post all about it here, but safe to say my partner used to piss me off all the time and I’d simmer away in the background spending time coming up with mad plots …

3. EMPOWER Sex and desire Sexual self-empowerment

Do you give away your power during sex? Here’s how to get it back

Reading Time: 6 minutes “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”¬†– Oscar Wilde When you’ve lost your libido, sex can feel a completely disempowering experience. Far from the sexually empowered femme fatales we see in films, flicking their hair and calling the shots, instead we’re scurrying to bed …

3. EMPOWER Relationships and desire Sexual self-empowerment

Do you believe these 3 myths about sex? If so, they could be killing your sex drive

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are some¬†really unhelpful beliefs in society about sex, that might be killing your desire. Do you recognize any of them? Myth One: “Foreplay begins just before having sex” We all know the drill right? Women need longer than men to get warmed up for sex- say about 20 minutes …