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How to wake up to pleasure/sexuality How to wake up your mind to sexuality/pleasure

7 ways to kick-start desire by using your imagination

Esther Perel believes that what distinguishes humans from animals during sex is that humans have a capacity for eroticism. This is created through imagination. So a decreased desire for sex could be linked to a decrease in the use of your imagination. What is the link between imagination and desire? Strangely, the word …

Debunking relationship and sex myths How to be sexually authentic/connect to your sexuality How to take responsibility for your own sexual pleasure How your relationship health impacts on desire, and how to improve it

Do you believe these 3 myths about sex? If so, they could be killing your sex drive

There are some really unhelpful beliefs in society about sex, that might be killing your desire. Do you recognize any of them? Myth One: “Foreplay begins just before having sex” We all know the drill right? Women need longer than men to get warmed up for sex- say about 20 minutes …