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The only book you need to help with a low sex drive: “Come As You Are”, Emily Nagoski

*Note: this post contains affiliate links, so if you purchase anything you click on I might get a few pennies to say cheers* I came across this book online after my frantic googling of “help, I’m not bothered about sex”, and ordered it from Amazon with the hope that something might prove useful. I’d never …

Connecting to your sexuality Debunking relationship and sex myths Relationships Taking responsibility for your own sexual pleasure

Do you believe these 3 myths about sex? If so, they could be killing your sex drive

There are some really unhelpful beliefs in society about sex, that might be killing your desire. Do you recognize any of them? Myth One: “Foreplay begins just before having sex” We all know the drill right? Women need longer than men to get warmed up for sex- say about 20 minutes of foreplay- so set your …