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#sexdrivestories Hormones Your physical health and the link to your sex drive

#sexdrivestories Lost: 1 x Sex Drive – If found please return to Owner

This week’s #sexdrivestories is by the lovely Sensual Delights who writes a very heartfelt post about contraceptives (specifically the Mirena coil) and the impact on her sex drive…. *Guest post* My Sex Drive vs. the Mirena Coil ​So after much procrastinating over whether I should write this post and share a …

#sexdrivestories How your relationship health impacts on desire, and how to improve it Too little intimacy Understanding how your sex drive works

#sexdrivestories: Are there two sides to my libido?

When I was in the Dead Bedroom Marriage (DBM) I eventually was able to ‘turn-off’ my sex drive. If that is even possible. Yes I still got horny and yes I still masturbated almost daily. But the desire to be with someone was absent. I ‘got off’ simply to fulfill my physical need and I went about my day.