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How your relationship health impacts on desire, and how to improve it Quizzes Too little intimacy Tools

How the 5 Love Languages can help you communicate whats missing in your relationship

Do you know how you give and receive love? There are apparently five main ways we do so in our relationships. These are known as the Five Love Languages, developed by Gary Chapman. And they can seriously improve your relationship AND your sex life. Now, you might think- how can …

How to ask for what you want (to be sexually assertive) How to be sexually authentic/connect to your sexuality How to find out what turns you on How to have better sex Quizzes Tools

This is the number #1 way to find out your “seduction style”

Have you ever heard of an erotic blueprint? No it’s not some kind of weird newfangled STD all the kids are getting. It’s an amazing (and little-known) way of understanding how you like to be turned on. The sexual blueprint quiz Jaiya, an award-winning sexologist, believes that we each have …