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1. Understanding how your sex drive works 5. *Sex* you are (or were) having and your sex drive

Six tips to get turned on quickly if you’re struggling in the moment

Many women (about 70%) have a more “slow burn” approach to having sex. This is what is known as “responsive desire”- which essentially means that you might find that quite often you lack desire for sex until AFTER you’ve been warmed up a bit through kissing, touching etc. (There’s a more …

1. Understanding how your sex drive works 2. The art of sexual self-empowerment My journey

You’re not broken: here’s why we need to change the language about having a “low sex drive”

Step one of embarking on a journey to find your sex drive is to consider whether it’s really lost. A personal story of mine is pretty relevant here. I was talking with my boyfriend recently, and I kept saying I’d “lost” my desire to have sex, and I needed to …