Discover Desire Course

Don’t fancy sex, but not sure why or what to do about it?

You’re not alone. 

For four years (four veeeeeery LONG years) my sex drive vanished too

But, I wasn’t sure where to begin… so I spent the next four years devoting my life to finding out what was causing my low sex drive- and how to get it back. 

And TBH… what I found was pretty amazing.

I knew I had to get the word out to other women who must be feeling the same.

That’s why I created a brand new and totally free course for women called Discover Desire.

You’ll discover that there’s a reason behind why nearly HALF of all women report feeling a lack of interest in sex.  

And- spoiler alert- it’s because the problem isn’t with YOU! 

Want to know why it makes total sense that *so* many women experience fading desire in a Long Term Relationship, and what YOU can do about it?

 Sign up to our Discover Desire *free* course to find out!


  1. Keith Herriott says:

    I am a 76 year old man.I spent most of my life in hospital between the ages of 13 – 25 years old with an undiagnosed illness that caused delayed puberty and left me weighing just a little over 5stone, 70lbs at the age of 24!
    I had virtually no teenage years, when I left hospital after more major surgery aged 25, I’d had no experience of women save the nurses in hospital. All I knew of sex and women I learned from a great deal of reading.
    I met and married a woman who refused to hold my hand when walking down the street, she threw my hand back at me as it it was something filthy! If I say next to her, she would get up and sit in a chair so that I could not be near her.
    When we got married, she got aroused, she got very wet, yet she was a “starfish”! I was never a selfish lover, I took my time, never rushed, indeed I LOVED to make foreplay last as long as possible. I tried oral, rimming, anything I could think of but nothing changed. Then, one evening after we had been making love for maybe a couple of hours, she suddenly became possessed and began thrashing about and moaning. I had difficulty staying in contact! She wrapped her legs around me and literally went crazy. I was nowhere near, she caught me completely by surprise. I used the feedback of her obvious near orgasm to ‘catch Jo’s and we climaxed together as always in the most momentous love making ever. She became pregnant! She refused sex for the whole pregnancy ‘because it would hurt the baby’. I told her that was an old wives take and to check with her friends. She turned to me with a big shot eating grin and said, that’s where she got the information! It was a year before we had sex again!
    A common trick of hers, was, when we were watching tv I would hear a satisfying noise and no matter how fast I turned to look at her, she would be innocently watching tv. When I carried on watching tv, she would recommend masturbation. If I responded and tried to show her affection, to try to begin anything, she rebuffed me saying sex was all I wanted. We had simultaneous orgasms every time we made love, but, save for that one time, she suppressed her reactions and lay like a dead body, then turned her back and went to sleep.
    I loved her desperately, long after she left me in 1975, when I was 31 years old. She remarried and they moved to Kenya with my little girl, returning 4 or 5 years later and moved 150 miles away.
    She phoned me when my daughter was 16 years old saying she did not want my daughter and wanted me to take her which I did.
    I understand that her new husband have her an ultimatum, “Either she goes or I do!” . She chose him! He was wealthy and gave her what she wanted. I understand she was the same with him sexually as she was with me. I recently learned that she has been diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and has probably been so since her early teens.
    I never really got over it but I still do not know what I did wrong. Why could she not react normally during sex? She boasted to her work colleagues that our love making lasted several hours yet during it, she withdrew as if she wasn’t there. No matter how I tried, she would never ask me to do anything SHE wanted, except once she asked me to urinate inside her when she orgasmed. The idea left me cold, but I suggested I sit on the toilet while she say on my lap facing me. She refused. She wanted to do it on our bed! I refused! I wasn’t going to sleep on a wet and ruined bed!
    Sorry for the length of this but my marriage and the manner of it’s ending, (I came home to find out flat stripped hard of EVERYTHING, and I was three months overdrawn at the bank despite having just been paid a month’s salary and no bills had been paid for months!). Her new husband mentally abused my daughter since she was four years old, and my (now) ex-wife had abused her physically and mentally. She is now nearly 50 years old and totally traumatised, suffering from PTSD

  2. Keith Herriott says:

    Sorry for the typos. Not me! Predictive text has destroyed the sense of the text!


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