Not Having Enough Time

Time is a massive issue for so many women.

Our lifestyles have become so super busy (read: work, kids, socialising, hobbies, chores, caring responsibilities- the list is endless) and we’re often so overloaded that sliding into bed at the end of each day, sex is literally the last thing on a very long to-do list.

 Often it falls right off.

 Alongside not having time, it’s difficult to prioritize sex when there are so many things competing for our attention.

 And sometimes we can convince ourselves that everything else is more important than a bonk.

 So, if this is also you, it’s important to explore more about this desire blocker and set aside time for the following:


Setting aside specific time for sex is really important.

Especially in a long term relationship, where the newness of each others bodies has worn off and sex can feel less exciting.

Or as life gets busier, and sleep seems much more appealing than a shag.

Read on to explore more about the things that drain your time, and some really practical tips on how to carve out time together so that sex jumps back up your priority list!

This is one that’s often ignored in the grand scheme of low desire, but it’s really important.

Ask yourself:

  • What makes you feel sexy?
  • And do you spend time cultivating this feeling during your week?

Really simple things can help boost our well-being and get us in the mood for sex.

We’re all different- for some of us, that’s just feeling clean, well-rested, a tidy house. For others it’s painted nails, a tidy lady garden and a dusting of Chanel no.5. 

But if we don’t set aside time to look after ourselves and invest in what we need to feel sexy, our sex drive is going to suffer.

Click this section for some straight-forwards resources and advice on how to find the time to sexually self-care.

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