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Here’s why you can’t allow yourself to be vunerable in bed

“In sex, you need to let yourself go… to the point of foolishness”- Sexology (film) Sex is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Surrendering, and releasing control. Being pleasured and finding pleasure. It’s about having tousled hair, wild eyes and an open heart. And yet, losing ourselves within sex can …

How to be sexually authentic/connect to your sexuality How to have better sex Learn how to stay present and enjoy sex Understanding how your sex drive works

Six tips to get turned on quickly for those with responsive desire

Many women (about 70%) have a more “slow burn” approach to having sex. If that’s you, you might find that quite often you lack the desire to have sex until after you’ve been warmed up a bit through kissing, touching and foreplay. In other words, you need to start having …