2. Why is my sex drive low?

We’re all different and there are many, many factors that influence our libidos. 

However, the majority of people experience six main factors that can close down our wish or want to have sex…..

1. Low mood/emotional well-being

This includes experiencing: 

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • worries about body image
  • a low self-esteem

2. Being disconnected from your sexuality

For many of us, losing our libido means our sexual side has been slumbering. In this section you’ll understand why it’s so important to get back in touch with it! 

Connecting to your sexuality includes understanding more about:

  • our responsibility for our own sexual pleasure 
  • knowing our turns ons (and offs!) 
  • being confident asking for what we want in bed 
  • waking up your body and mind to desire (including anticipation, imagination and sensuality)
  • learning how to relax and ‘stay present’ during sex

3. Issues Within Your Relationship

Having a healthy, supportive and stable relationship is a key component for a luscious sex drive. In this section, you can learn more about why the following affect our sex lives so badly, and ideas on how to fix it!

Including looking at:

  • unhelpful ideas about sex and relationships
  • too little intimacy
  • too much intimacy
  • lack of attraction

4. Issues with the sex you are (or were) having

This is the most commonly overlooked reason for so many women. Because maybe it’s not a low sex drive at all- its just no desire for the sex you are (or were) having. 

Read on for more information about how the quality of sex (now or in the past) can really impact on your levels of desire….

Including sections on:

  • How to improve sex that just doesn’t feel that great
  • How a mismatched libido can mean sex becomes associated with guilt, pressure and rejection

5. Physical health issues

Our physical health can have a huge impact on our levels of desire.

Whether its your hormones, food and nutrition, contraceptives, illnesses, or things like penetration becoming painful, check out this section for help and information on how you can improve your desire for sex.

6. Not Having Enough Time

 Time is a thief of desire.

In our busy lives we’re often lacking in energy and the last thing we want to do at the end of a long day is have a shag. Sex becomes a chore rather than about pleasure.

Click here to find out why prioritising time for sex (and feeling sexy) is key to increasing desire.

Often, there is more than one factor that we experience and so the reasons for our low desire can seem tangled in with others.

For example, even though you might feel your relationship is happy and healthy, one partner having a low sex drive might have created a sense of imbalance that has caused conflict or upset. Learning about how a mismatch in desire can be both a cause and an effect of a low libido is really helpful in identifying patterns to change or adjust. 

If you’re not sure where to start or feel lost, try downloading this coaching toolkit that can help you explore the factors in your life that are closing down your desire and empower you towards your own path to sexual happiness.

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